The Greening of Festivals, Conferences & Events in 2021!

We’re all certainly hoping that 2021 will be much better than 2020. So much has changed and as bad as it was, so much has been learned about how to plan for and run events safely, thoughtfully, and YES, still SUSTAINABLY moving forward.

And can EVENTS still be CERTIFIED as Virginia Green Travel Events in 2021?!

YES they can — even Virtual Events!

Go HERE for more perspective, ideas and details.


This manual is the results of years of grassroots, hands-on work with major festivals and events in Virginia.  It contains practical ideas, lessons learned and do’s and don’ts for planning and implementing events that will minimize your event’s environmental impacts, impress event-goers, and make your organization look good. 

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UCI World Cycling Championship Sustainability Report & Toolkit

UCI World Cycling Championship Sustainability Report & Toolkit


The Greening of Festivals & Events


The Virginia Green program provides guidance and a certification process for festivals and events.  More than 300 individual Virginia events have certified their green practices through the Virginia Green certification process.  That application is available here. We encourage you to start with the downloadable “word.doc” version in the black box for Green Festivals & Events.

Hands-On Assistance & evaluation 

The VGTA has partnered with many prominent festivals and events to help them make their events as green as possible.  To date, the VGTA has assisted directly in the greening of 80+ events including the 2015 UCI World Cycling Championships held in Richmond, VA and attended by 750,000 spectators over 10 days. We are available to assist in the planning and organization of your certified Virginia Green Travel Event — and we will provide objective recommendations for future improvement!

Green Team Volunteers  

The greening of festivals and events can’t be done right without leadership, commitment, and volunteers!  The VGTA partnered with the City of Richmond to create the RVA Green Team Volunteer Network to help train and staff festivals and events that want to be green certified.  More than 350 volunteers have signed on, and we are hoping to replicate this type of resource in other regions of Virginia. If you are interested in helping to create a similar network, let us know! (